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Caspian Ervin Vira Company (CAVA Co.) is one of the most pioneer automatic doors manufacturers in Iran. For more than ten years, Caspian has designed, produced, provided and installed various types of automatic doors in Iranian building industry. Caspian Co. successfully performed many automatic entrance and high security solutions in private and public projects. Possession of finely honed background in this field, skillful experts and state-of-the-art instruments have provide Caspian the chance to win this success.
At this moment, Caspian is dealer of more than ten companies (such as MFZ, GFA, Hormann, Palmiye, Argusa, G-U, and ….) in high security systems, novel building technologies and automatic doors.
Caspian’s products are following as:
1-    Automatic Glass Doors:
  1-1     Sliding and Telescopic Glass Doors
  1-2     Curved Sliding Doors
  1-3     Revolving Doors
  1-4     Swing Doors
  1-5     Hermetic Doors
2-    Automatic Rolling-up Doors:
  2-1 Roll-up Shutters for Villas
  2-2 Garage and Commercial Roll-up Doors
  2-3 Industrial Roll-up Doors with 22 m width and 18 m height
3-    Removable Ceiling, Pool Cover and Pergola
4-    Automatic Walls for Balconies
5-    Sun screen Shades
6-    Parking Management Systems (PMS)
7-    Industrial & High Speed Doors
8-    Mega Doors & Hangar Doors
9-    High Security Gates
Our proficiency leads to designing and offering the best solution regarding to architectural aspects and costumer’s needs. This ability is doable due to our various products and our experts’ experience.


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